There are leaders and there's everyone else. At the Lehigh Valley Patriot Flames, we take immense pride in our quality coaching at every level.  The coaching staff is well supported and well trained.  Many of our coaches regularly attend yearly coaching clinics in order to be a better leader for their team. It's that training and commitment to improving that our coaches impart upon our players.


Dedication to improving our knowledge of the game and our skill at coaching it is passed directly to our players who embody those attributes. As a result, while not focusing solely on wins, we have achieved tremendous success on the regional and national level. The Lehigh Valley Patriot Flames have ranked near or at the top in the tri-state area for tournament wins and first place finishes for  well over two decades.



When you're dealing with an region filled with new travel teams,  your program and training can be the difference between domination and just treading water. Winning isn't the only thing, but we don't work this hard to lose.  At Lehigh Valley Patriot Flames, we're continually finding the best new ways to improve play, strength and teamwork. 





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